Monday, November 30, 2009

American Homebrewers Association Launches New Website

The American Homebrewers Association, established in 1978, is proud to introduce the launch of their all-new, completely interactive, educational website devoted to the hobby of homebrewing:

Features of the new website include:
AHA Forum: An online discussion group for all topics homebrewing-related. Within the first few days of the website launch, more than 6,000 participants had registered and more than 3,500 posts were listed.

Homebrewopedia: A wiki-based resource, allowing homebrewers from around the world to share their recipes and brewing knowledge. Medal winning recipes from past National Homebrew Competitions can also be found here, allowing others to learn from the best.

Pimp my System: The AHA is proud to give homebrewers the opportunity to show off their elaborate and creative brewing systems. Homebrewers are encouraged to post entries in the Homebrewers Bio area on the AHA Forum, where systems are selected to be featured each month.

Brewer of the Week: Homebrewers have great stories to tell, and the AHA is proud to share them with the community. Brewers can post a bio about themselves in the Homebrewers Bio area on the AHA forum, and several will be chosen each month to feature.

Club Profiles & Resources: These pages contain articles geared towards helping homebrew clubs with events and management as well as a section on homebrew Club Profiles. Clubs can post a description and photographs to share and several will be featured each month.

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