Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"The Ritual Project" Brought Stella Artois to Life Above the Streets of NYC

To celebrate the rich tradition of the Belgian Pouring Ritual, Stella Artois commissioned a group of New York City painters from Sky High Murals to bring the pouring ritual to life high above the streets of New York, calling it The Ritual Project.

Step by step over 21 days, the painters hand-painted a 20 x 50 foot stop-frame animation on a building side in SoHo (at the corner of Crosby and Broome). A viewing area was set up at the location, where passersby could view the painters’ work close-up through vintage viewfinders and also receive free Stella Artois Chalices.

The entire project, from time-lapse film footage to photos to interviews with the painters, is being brought to life as a short documentary. Follow the project at http://theritualproject.com

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