Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Corvallis Welcomes Flat Tail Brewing

Tonya and Iain Duncan, owners of three successful and diverse restaurants in Corvallis, have partnered with Laura Bryngelson and Mark Martin, owners of Calapooia Brewing Co. in Albany to create Flat Tail Brewing, scheduled to open in late February, 2010.

For almost two decades, Oregon Trail Brewery was the sole brewery in Corvallis. In 2006, Block 15 Brewing opened their doors. Now with two breweries in such close proximity, can Corvallis support another brewpub? "Oh yeah. It's unbelievable that a PAC 10 town of over 50,000 residents only has two breweries!" said Martin, Brewmaster for Calapooia Brewing Co. "There are towns with half our population, with no college, that support three or four microbreweries, so it should be no problem for Corvallis."

Nick and Kristen Arzner, owners of Block 15, agree: "The addition of another craft beer establishment will strengthen Corvallis' already great beer reputation, and encourage folks to frequent our beautiful downtown and travel from afar." When asked if he was worried that a new brewpub would compete with Block 15, Arzner answered, "Craft beer is all about diversity and selection. Flat Tail will bring their own style of brewing to Corvallis, which will complement what we are brewing here at Block 15 and the Brewer's at Oregon Trail. Can you imagine, within our downtown you will be able to drink over 20 different styles of local craft beer? That's the way every town should be."

"We have a great relationship with Nick and Kristen and with Dave Wills of Oregon Trail," commented Bryngelson, President of Calapooia Brewing Co. "We buy hops from Dave, and we bought some of Block 15's furniture when they were cleaning out old furniture from Headline. We answered some of their questions about the industry when they opened, and they have offered to return the favor when we start dealing with the City. Plus, we plan to feature beers from both breweries as guest taps." Cloud Davidson, owner of Cloud 9 and The Downward Dog on 1st St, sums it up: "It's great to see a negative void from the former Fox n Firkin spot filled by a positive, local, family-owned business. Flat Tail Brewing is a wonderful addition to our vibrant waterfront!"

With three restaurants downtown, Iain and Tonya Duncan already have a full plate. "Le Bistro, Aqua, and Terzo have successfully contributed to a diverse culinary offering for Corvallis. With Flat Tail, however, we wanted a place that will cater to the University students, staff, alumni, and Beaver fans. It's crazy that there aren't any Beaver-themed pubs in this town!" said Tonya Duncan. Iain added, "With our established experience in fine dining, Calapooia's knowledge of brewing, and support from OSU's coaches, we're confident that Flat Tail will be good for Corvallis."

Flat Tail Brewing is scheduled to open in February 2010. The brewery will begin production on site in April 2010. In the meantime, Calapooia Brewing Co. will contract brew six or seven styles of beer for Flat Tail. The beer selection will be rounded out by guest beers such as local favorites Block 15 and Oregon Trail, and other craft brews from around Oregon and the Northwest. The owners plan to host a Grand Opening in May, once the brewery is ready for operation.

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