Friday, April 25, 2008

Concordia Hosts First Annual Beer Brawl!

Starting today, Concordia Ale House (33rd and Killingsworth) in Portland hosts the first annual Beer Brawl. The Beer Brawl is a competition of Oregon v. Washington craft beer. In two previous competitions, a WA brewer was chosen to represent WA beers (Shawn Loring of Lazy Boy Brewing in Everett) and an OR brewer was chosen to represent OR beers (Charlie Devereux of Double Mountain Brewery in OR will be representing, even though Matt Stinchfield is the Double Mountain brewer). Each brewer has chosen five different specified styles of beer from their state. These beers are arranged head-to-head in a blind tasting for anyone who wants to participate (there is a tasting fee). The best beer out of each style category will win a point and the state that wins the best three out of five beers wins the Brawl.

The Brawl lasts all weekend at Concordia, and the winner will be announced Sunday evening. Get your buns down there to taste and vote on the best of Oregon and Washington brew!

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