Saturday, May 10, 2008

Calapooia Brewing Co releases "Hop Crisis IPA"

Calapooia Brewing Co in Albany, OR has come out with one answer to the hop shortage--use more hops!

According to a press release sent out by Calapooia: What is surprising is that rather than a slimmed-down, paler and weaker IPA, the "Hop Crisis IPA" actually contains almost double the amount of hops than in their best-selling Yankee Clipper IPA. “Hop Crisis IPA” contains 26 pounds of hops per 6-barrel (12 15.5 gallon kegs) batch. “We couldn’t find hops to make our other specialty IPA (SimcoeƤ hops for Calapooia’s Simco Springs IPA), so we decided to make a new one with whatever we could find,” Mark Martin, brewmaster and co-owner explained. “I think we must have the last 2 pounds of Nuggets in existence, and we were able to buy some organic Hallertauer from New Zealand. We mixed those with some Willamettes we had, and rather than just make a regular IPA, we decided to go all-out.”

“The name refers more to the ‘stone soup’ quality of the hop schedule, than to the quantity of hops. I thought it was very clever – until I saw the bill for the hops!” laughs Laura Bryngelson, co-owner and President of Calapooia Brewing Co. “But Mark is a great brewer and knows what he’s doing, both in the brewery and out in the market place. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. This is a great beer poised to be released at a great time. Too bad we can only make 2 batches of it!”

Hop Crisis IPA will be released in Calapooia’s brewpub on May 1st, and in very select area bars shortly thereafter.

Calapooia Brewing Co. is located on the corner of N.E. Hill St. and Water Ave. in Albany, Oregon.

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