Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Brewery Sprouts in Historic PDX Space

A new brewery is getting ready to surface here in Portland. Upright Brewing Company, as first reported by the Portland Mercury, should be up and running by the first of the year. The brewery will be housed in the Leftbank Project, a historic space set at the eastern head of the Broadway Bridge where Broadway meets Weidler.

Upright has done a post on the Leftbank blog, explaining what it will be all about. Brewery owner Alex Ganum says his beers will be done in a way which combines "the spirit and methods of rustic French and Belgian style farmhouse brewing with the positive energy and downright beautiful ingredients the Pacific Northwest offers us." One can expect year-round brews in addition to a variety of other "distinct brews."

One thing the Mercury notes which is of interest is that Ganum will be using two open fermentation tanks. It should prove for some interesting results.

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Bill said...

Wow! After the crazy Oregon Beer class of '07, I wondered if anything comparable would happen in '08. This sounds cool.

Nice scoop, by the way.