Sunday, August 3, 2008

Seattle's Elliot Bay Goes Organic

Watch out Hopworks, Elliot Bay is nipping at your eco-friendly heels, quickly becoming one of the "greenest" breweries in Washington.

In a press release sent out by Elliot Bay's head brewer Doug Hindman: "Elliot Bay Brewing Co was recently awarded organic certification by the Washington Department of Agriculture for 12 of its draft beers, making it the first brewery in King County to produce certified organic beer and the only brewery in Washington to gain certification for such a broad range of its products.

Elliot Bay produces 15-20 types of beer, all of which use organic ingredients, from both its 10 barrel brew house in Burien and a seven-barrel facility in West Seattle.

The pubs also serve organic tea and locally roasted organic coffee; compost 100 percent of their food waste; recycle waste fry oil into bio-diesel, and reuse spent grain from the brewing process both as an ingredient in their burger buns and as feed supplement for livestock."

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