Monday, January 12, 2009

Alaskan Updates Their Artwork from Pacific Northwest Artist

This winter two of Alaskan Brewing Co's year-round beers are standing out on shelves across the western coast with vivid package colors and new, more true-to-life artwork from renowned Pacific Northwest artist John Fehringer . The Alaskan Pale and Alaskan IPA labels now join the updated look of the red Alaskan Amber package released earlier this year.

Illustrations on the new labels for Alaskan IPA, Alaskan Pale and Alaskan Amber maintain the same uniquely Alaskan scenes from their original packages but with more vibrant colors and dramatic artwork from Fehringer, who is known for his ability to represent the unique scenes of Southeast Alaska. Fans of Alaskan beer will be relieved to know that although the labels have a new look, the beer inside the bottle remains the same award-winning recipes from Alaskan Brewing.

Over the next year, the brewery will continue to work with Fehringer to update the imagery of the entire brand line, illustrating the distinctively Alaskan way of life. The finished set will promote the complete family of products produced by Alaskan Brewing Co.

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