Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Al Brewing releases it’s first Local Hero!

“Live your dreams. Drink ours.” That’s the slogan for Big Al Brewing. Like many professional brewers, Big Al got his start brewing beer in his garage and sharing it with friends and family. It is estimated that more than 1 million Americans enjoy the art of homebrewing. The art of homebrewing IS the heart of the craft beer industry and it’s a priority at Big Al Brewing to keep the spirit of home brewing alive.

Big Al Brewing would like to pay tribute to the craftsman who make beer what it is today, the craftsman who inspires the beers we all regularly enjoy. To do this, Big Al Brewing will collaborate with a homebrewer four times a year to deliver to you, Local Hero. A beer that is formulated by a homebrewer, then scaled up and brewed on the system at Big Al Brewing. This beer will be distributed to local pubs and beer bars for your tasting pleasure.

The first Local Hero is Kevin Davey. Davey is no stranger to having his beers scaled up and brewed on a big system. His Grande Reserve Beglain Dark Strong Ale was selected by the Tacoma Ram brewery in the 2008 Puget Sound Pro-Am and also sent to the GABF Pro-Am competition. While he’s a plumber by trade, Davey plans to open his own brewery and is headed to Chicago to take courses at the Siebel Institute & World Brewing Academy. Big Al Brewing and Davey brewed a Dopplebock, where they took German Munich Malt, added English, Belgian and American specialty grains to create his monumental masterpiece of Malt. A rich, clean lager that will not disappoint any fan of this classic style.

Find the first Local Hero on tap in Big Al's tasting room, and other local pubs around the Seattle area.

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