Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stewart's Ginger Beer Now In at Full Throttle Bottles!

They bought the whole pallet! If you need it, want it, or are just curious what all the buzz is about, they have it. They have it ALL! You'll need this ginger beer (soda) to make a Dark & Stormy or a Moscow Mule. There are entire internet groups devoted to this soda.

They also have other hot ginger ales and beers such as Blenheim Red Hot Ginger Ale, Buderim HOT Ginger Brew and Reed's Jamaican Ginger Beer. Try DG Jamaican style or Hot and Cold from Sprecher (yes the root beer place!) Try them all and melt your face! Please call to have them set some aside, half the pallet has been sold already...get yours before it's all gone! Call 206-763-2079.

Full Throttle Bottles is located at 5909 S. Airport Way, Seattle.

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