Friday, June 5, 2009

Oakshire Brewing to Release Summer Seasonal

Oakshire Brewing Company of Eugene, Oregon will released their newest Seasonal Beer, Line Dry Rye, yesterday, June 4th. This summer seasonal is a crisp and refreshing pale ale brewed with 10% flaked rye and 10% malted rye.

“Line Dry Rye is an approachable but unique rye pale ale crafted with a touch of Oregon Blackberry honey,” explains Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk. “We wanted to a design a very sessionable summer beer, with a little bit of complexity from the 20% rye and local honey in the finish.”

And what of the unique name? According to Jeff Althouse, Co-Founder of Oakshire brewing, “Backyard clotheslines hung with laundry to dry, what a great symbol that summer has arrived. In the Willamette Valley, it seems there are only a few days a year we can actually line dry our clothes outside. Despite our short summers, we can all save money when we keep the dryer idle in the laundry room. The name Line Dry Rye just seemed to resonate with us.”

Line Dry Rye will be available in Eugene, Corvallis and Portland throughout the summer months, and will also be featured at the annual Sasquatch Brewers Dinner tonight in Eugene.

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