Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going On Tap Today at Hopworks Urban Brewery!

Dubbel Suplex

Designed to honor the classic Trappist beers of Belgium, the organic Dubbel Suplex is a complex Abbey style beer. Brewed with six different organic malts and organic cane juice, the beer's multi-layered aroma features fruitiness reminiscent of raspberry and cherries, spicy coriander & pepper notes and a sweet toasted caramel malt aroma. The flavor is equally rich with a malty sweet, fruity flavor with effervescent carbonation and a smooth, warming alcohol finish. Made for the brewing cagematch known as Portland’s Cheers To Belgian Beers, this beer is sure to lay the Smackdown!

17.7 Degrees Plato 18 IBU 8.1% ABV

Check it out at Hopworks Urban Brewery: 2994 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR

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