Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Michelob Turns Up The WHEAT

Michelob Honey Wheat is the newest beer to join the growing Michelob collection. This hand-crafted filtered wheat ale, brewed with orange blossom honey from the groves of Florida and California, completes an all-wheat sampler pack created just for spring and summer.

The Michelob Brewing Co. Spring/Summer Sampler Pack, available beginning March 2, includes Michelob Honey Wheat, year-round favorites Shock Top Belgian White, Michelob Dunkel Weisse, and the spring seasonal Hop Hound Amber Wheat.

“When you’re sampling beers, always select the proper glass style and shape. This will enable you to enjoy the beer’s aroma and coloring – key parts of the tasting experience. With wheat beers, try a traditional tall, wide-mouthed glass.” ((See Beer Northwest Winter issue for help on choosing glassware of all sorts)).

The Michelob Spring/Summer Sampler Pack is available at grocery and convenience stores nationwide through September in 24-packs (six of each beer), 12-packs (three of each beer) and six-packs (two of each beer, Hop Hound Amber Wheat not included).

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