Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Market of Choice launches new social website

Market of Choice has created a new website with enticing food for thought: blogs, recipes, customized specials, and interactive forums.

They’ve revolutionized the way people receive specials on their website. Instead of being bombarded with stuff you’ll never buy, you can simply pick your preferences. What you won’t see are all the things that don’t interest you. And I think that is rad.

They have blogs written by more than a dozen die-hard foodies, professional stewards and a registered dietician, including personal narratives and helpful information.

Be sure to check out their beer and wine blogs, authored by their very own stewards. In addition to blogs, they offer unique, interactive forums where people can continue the discussion with like-minded foodies by sharing recipes, cooking tips, baking blunders and more. Ask them a question, any question. Don’t be shy.

Go to www.marketofchoice.com and play around!

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